I love that Derek is hanging out with adults this season

"Hey Derek, you have no friends or peers your age, what did you spend your day doing?"

"Your mom. No we actually had coffee together it was nice"

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★ RP PLOT #007 ~ “You, Me and the Silence" [Puckurt AU]
★ STATUS: open

→ WHAT: 1x1 Puck/Kurt AU, NSFW.→ WHO: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel.→ WHERE: Either Ann Arbor or Detroit, MI, or Chicago, IL.  → WHEN: 1990’s→ MORE: Character death, drugs and alcohol abuse, psychological issues. 


Kurt Hummel was seven years old when he held his mom’s hand until she die in that hospital bed, and since then, he chose to not speak a word, ever again. Burt, his father, takes him to many doctors, psychologists, analysts and shrinks, worried because it was strange that his son -the one who used to sing and dance along with the music all the time- had turned into an introverted kid who refused to talk. Nevertheless, no one could do a thing, because if Kurt’s choice was not to talk, then they couldn’t force him. 
Instead, they focused on teaching Kurt ASL and other ways for him to communicate, and even if it still didn’t make him go back to talking again, he at least learned to give some vital signs. 
As he turned fifteen, he started high-school, and most of the people stayed away, not wanting to have anything to do with the mute kid, who dressed all weird and glared at anyone who dared looking at him with his icy-blue eyes. Most of the kids, but not the self-proclaimed badass, Puck, who tried to toss him into a dumpster the first day. Thankfully, someone stopped Puck by saying he would get suspended for bullying the mute kid, and even if Kurt hoped that was the end of it, it was only the beginning. 
Soon, Puck started following him around, asking questions even if he never got an answer. Kurt got used to Puck always being by his side, and without either of them noticing, they started forging a tight friendship. They went everywhere together, and they did everything with each other. Puck even started working with him in Burt’s shop, and he never stopped talking, telling Kurt about his life, his family, asking him questions that eventually got a scribbled answer in a piece of paper or Puck’s hand.
And, of course, it had to get complicated. Kurt fell in love. With someone who wasn’t Puck. Puck realized he was in love. With Kurt. Things happen. They are soulmates.


NOAH PUCKERMAN. 16. played by UNKNOWN. [link]KURT HUMMEL. 15. played by UNKNOWN. [link]
OTHER NPC: Burt Hummel, Kurt’s boyfriend, Puck’s sister and mother, etc.


This is an original plot by me. I’m looking for a roleplay partner that wants to play either Puck or Kurt in a 1990’s scenery, with a lot of music background and underground fun. I’m usually a Puck roleplayer, but I’m willing to play Kurt on this one because I would love to experiment with a character like him in this context. This might contain things like drug and alcohol abuse, nsfw things, some abuse, some violence, a person who won’t speak because he has psychological problems with his past, and since it’s supposed to be a skank-like AU, I would like my partner to be 18+ (I’m not underage in any country). I don’t want to rush, so I’m not gonna ask for a certain activity level since I might not be able to reach those goals myself. This RP is meant to be relaxed, a hobby, not an obligation, but what I do ask for is that if you want to drop out or can’t be around for a long period of time, you let me know. I’m happy and glad to receive any kind of questions about it, so feel free to stop by this or my main blog and clear out all of your doubts.



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the jeff davis agenda:
- resurrects the shitty characters nobody liked
- replace the dependable characters with “exciting” new ones
- fuck with the storylines of the old characters


Under the cut you will find 20 photos that could pass as the couple Pinn and/or Salteith as kids. None of these pictures are ours and any credit for them goes to their photographers. Please like or reblog if you found this photo hunt useful. Thank you.

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This is a casting call for a paid role. Check below the “Read More” line for the actual casting call. Please help us spread the word!

Watching our own pilot, something became apparent. While our show has POC actors, all were of lighter complexion, and we hadn’t created space for actors with darker skin tones. That meant we weren’t creating a show that our whole audience could see themselves in. That didn’t sit right.

Addie is a new role that we’ve added to the show. They’re a genderqueer POC (of darker complexion). At the start of the show, Addie and Su work together. Su moves on, but their lives intersect every once in a while.

Addie has a scene early on where they’re still presenting as a man, but in subsequent scenes are living out as a genderqueer / non-binary femme. Their role in the first season is limited, but their story stretches into future seasons.

Our casting call is below the “Read More” line. Please help us spread the word! This is an important opportunity for QTPOC actors!

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